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About Us



The Mission of PCMA Doctors Association is to put forth effort in bringing about sustainable holistic development of people and their habitat in a credible manner.


The Vision of PCMA Doctors Association is to transform communities it serves through imparting knowledge, skill & attitude and converging in resources for betterment of their lives in the fields of livelihood, health, education and environment in a sustainable manner.


The major objectives of PCMA Doctors Association are as follows:

  • To serve the people irrespective of caste, creed, language or religion in their   effort to attain and live an adequate life;
  • To study, undertake, promote and assist gender focused development efforts;
  • To provide assistance to social-economically marginalized groups of people in pursuance of their career/livelihood;
  • To work for economic development of the masses particularly through empowerment of human faculty in the fields of income generation;
  • To undertake integrated area development activities by way of:
  • Creating, preserving, maintaining social, cultural and economic infrastructures, and
  • Undertaking such other activities, which may be deemed necessary for integrated area development;
  • To work for promotion of faculties in the fields of culture, games & sports and social values;
  • To work for promotion of collaboration in developmental endeavors by way of networking, collaborating and cooperating with organizations globally having objects wholly or in part similar to those of the PCMA Doctors Association.